Master Gardener Information: VRS Reporting System & Recertification Req's.

This site provides information for Master Gardeners to stay current with state information, recertification requirements, and volunteer hours reporting.


Online Volunteer Reporting System (VRS)

The online Volunteer Reporting System (VRS) allows Master Gardener volunteers to enter in their volunteer service hours and their continuing education hours from any computer with an internet connection.  Volunteers can pull up and review their volunteer hours (categorized by project type) and their continuing education hours at any time. 

You may access the VRS from the Master Gardener web page:  

Please make sure you download and read the entire VRS information sheet located at the center of the page first by clicking on the link and opening the pdf file.  This sheet describes how to enroll in the VRS, as well as how to enter in service hours and continuing education hours.  The file name once you download is called “VRS information sheet.pdf”.  

Volunteer Log Sheet

Use this sheet to keep a record of your volunteer hours. Fields include, date, category, support hours you received, outreach, training, contacts and mileage. 

Volunteer Log Sheet Entries - Explained

Here you will find guidelines and definitions of volunteer log categories explained.

Printable MG volunteer hours log sheet


Master Gardeners have to recertify each year to stay current and informed. Find out the requirements in Lincoln County.

Volunteering under OSU as a Master Gardener

See the different ways you can volunteer as an OSU Master Gardener.

Good Gardener and Bad Gardener - Videos

View a series of educational videos by Master Gardeners and for Master Gardeners. These videos are designed to serve as resources to help both new and veteran MGs learn the art / science of working with clients in plant clinics. Another alternate site is located here


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