Oregon Sea Grant at the Lincoln County Extension Office

OSU EXTENSION LINCOLN COUNTY MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION: 1211 SE Bay Blvd., Newport.  Same phone # -- 541-574-6534; same hours.  Come & visit us!

Sea Grant Extension helps bring the resources of research and higher education to bear on real-world issues - in this case, issues important to those who live near, earn their livelihoods from, and visit Oregon's oceans and coastal communities. Sea Grant Extension faculty share dual responsibility to the OSU Extension Service and to the university-based Oregon Sea Grant Program. Sea Grant is a nation-wide partnership of universities and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that aims to promote better understanding and use of America's ocean and coastal resources.

Links to Marine-Related Websites and Information Resources

WHAT'S FRESH 2015 - Oregon Seafood Consumer Guide

Job Opening for Community Researcher Contractor (Southern Oregon Coast)

Oregon State University is seeking independent contractors to serve as community based researchers for the Fishermen Led Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP). This is a joint research project with OSU's College of Public Health and Humans Sciences and Oregon Sea Grant, with funds from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). We are looking for a contractor based out of the Charleston or Brookings area. For more information please contact Kelsey Miller @ kelsey.miller@oregonstate.edu.


Upcoming Drill Conductor Courses

May 24-25 at Englund Marine Supply, Newport
Contact Heather Tower @ 541-574-6534 or heather.tower@oregonstate.edu to register.


Oregon Sea Grant Faculty at Lincoln County Extension Office

 Kaety Jacobson is a second-generation Sea Grant Extension Marine Educator who works with the fishing industry and the larger coastal community to address issues ranging from at-sea safety, collaborative ocean research, fisheries education, and ocean energy. Current projects include Fishermen Lead Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP), collaborative siting with Ocean Energy Devices (CSWORD), and coast wide outreach and engagement relating to marine renewable energy.

Kaety also serves as county leader for the OSU Lincoln County Extension Office.

   Ruby Moon is Oregon Sea Grant's Extension Marine Fisheries Program Associate and is working on activities relating to the clean vessel act, collaborative siting with Ocean Research Devices (CSWORD), Fishermen Lead Injury Prevention Program (FLIPP), and access to local seafood and seafood consumer education.