Oregon Sea Grant at the Lincoln County Extension Office

Sea Grant Extension helps bring the resources of research and higher education to bear on real-world issues - in this case, issues important to those who live near, earn their livelihoods from, and visit Oregon's oceans and coastal communities. Sea Grant Extension faculty share dual responsibility to the OSU Extension Service and to the university-based Oregon Sea Grant Program. Sea Grant is a nation-wide partnership of universities and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that aims to promote better understanding and use of America's ocean and coastal resources.

Links to Marine-Related Websites and Information Resources

Upcoming Drill Conductor Sea Safety Courses 
Newport Class scheduled for March 13-14

Classes also planned in Winchester Bay, March 11-12 and in Astoria, March 18-19

WAVE ENERGY - Building a Model Wave-Energy Generator


Oregon Sea Grant Faculty at Lincoln County Extension Office



Kaety Hildenbrand is a second-generation Sea Grant Extension marine educator who works with the fishing industry and the larger coastal community to address issues ranging from at-sea safety, collaborative ocean research, fisheries education, and ocean energy. Current projects include coastwide outreach and engagement on wave energy, the Fishermen Involved in Natural Energy (FINE) Committee, and a Newport bayfront signage project.


David Landkamer is Oregon Sea Grant's Extension Aquaculture specialist, working to address the need for engagement and extension in Oregon's shellfish industry and other aquaculture sectors. He engages key aquaculture stakeholders such as shellfish producers, ecologists, agencies, community groups and consumers on the local, state, regional and national levels. Dave has been involved with aquaculture for the past 30 years, working with aquaculture producers, associations, researchers, regulators, educators, and market outlets to support healthy, sustainable seafood production in places ranging from Maine to Guam, Arkansas to Minnesota, and the Pacific Northwest. 

David Landkamer