4-H Fair 2014

Lincoln County 4-H Fair - July 2014

Fair Dates and Hours (complete schedule of events below)

June 29: 9am Dog Show
July 10: 10am Horse Show Only
July 11: 11am-10pm
July 12: 11am-10pm
July 13: 12-6pm

4-H Fair Exhibitor Materials

Complete 4-H Lincoln County Fairbook 2014

Visit the State Fair Website for all Contest Materials such as explanation cards and other documentation for your static exhibits. Go to oregon.4h.oregonstate.edu/state-fair

All necessary explanation cards and other documents can be found in the Contest Materials section for each of the exhibit areas. If you are unable to print copies yourself, you can obtain them at the Extension office. They must be filled out BEFORE turning in your exhibits on Monday, July 7th.


Schedule of Events (events held at Fairgrounds unless stated otherwise)

June 2 – Monday
5:00pm Fair Entry Forms Due at Extension Office

June 29 – Sunday
9:00am Dog Show - Newport National Guard Amory

July 2 – Wednesday
6:30pm Dog Awards – Newport National Guard Amory

July 7 – Monday
12noon-7pm Static Non-Perishable Check-In Harney Building, LCFG

July 8 – Tuesday
7:30am-9:00am Perishable Static Exhibit Check-In  ONLY Perishables Accepted, Harney, LCFG
9am Static Exhibit Judging, Harney

July 9 – Wednesday
Static building set-up
Horse Check-In – all horses to arrive before 6pm

July 10 – Thursday
9am Horse Show in Outdoor Arena
2pm Mandatory Poultry Test – All fowl must be in the barn.
9am-6pm Livestock and Small Animal Check-In, Including Market Animal Weigh-in

July 11 – Friday
Lincoln County Fair Begins
8am Barn Opens
10am Barn Meeting
9am Horse Show (if needed) in Outdoor Arena
12noon Livestock Show – Sheep, Goats, Beef, Swine (order TBD) in 4-H Barn
4pm Fashion Revue

July 12 – Saturday
8am Barn Opens
10am Barn Meeting
12 noon Small Animal Show – Poultry, Rabbit, Cavy and Pets, 4-H Barn
4:30pm Buyers Welcome Reception, Near Harney Building (invitation only)
5:30pm Animal Auction, 4-H Animal Barn

July 13 – Sunday
8am Barn Opens
10am Barn Meeting
12 Noon Master Showmanship, 4-H Barn
Large then Small Animal Round Robin
2pm 4-H Awards/Potluck, Harney Building (time is approximate)
6pm Animals and Static Exhibit Release 

Set-Up times will be communicated to all entered youth once they have been determined.

Take-Down of animal pens will occur after the close of the Fair at 6pm. All Exhibitors are expected to be there to help with the removal of all animals and other items.

Questions: Contact Jessica, Todd, or Michele at the Extension Office, 541-574-6534