Extension Endowment Fund

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During the late 1980's, a group of citizens in Lincoln County identified a need to help raise funds to support and expand Extension programming locally by finding a new funding source essential to sustain important programs into the future. This forward-looking group believed that the local people - those who value the importance of Extension the most - would be the ones to create this legacy for community-based education. This effort led to the successful passage of a tax base on November 8, 1988 that set the creation of the OSU Lincoln County Extension Service District. Twenty years ago, that fundng was suffiicent for the kind of programming at that time.  At today's costs of conducting quality educational programming; this level of funding is insufficient at maintaining, much less increasing, innovative programs in Lincoln County.

Master Gardener helping kids sow seeds

This is why the OSU Lincoln County Extension Service Advisory Council, made up of Lincoln County residents representing all of the Extension program areas, has decided to set up an endowment fund to support future programs in Lincoln county. The fund is a Lincoln County-based Extension endowment designed to support Lincoln County Extension as a whole or a specific program of your choice. Contributions are used to build principal in the endowment fund. Earnings from the fund can then be used to enhance Extension programming. The Fund dollars stay in the County and are managed locally by the Lincoln County Foundation.

Contributing to the endowment fund is easy (click here to for a printable contribution form). You can make different kinds of gifts including cash, formal pledges of commitments spread over several years, gifts via a will or bequest, real estate property, life insurance policy, charitable gift annuities, or charitable remainder trust. 

Small gifts of cash are gratefully accepted and go a long way into realizing this goal for our community.  Please make checks payable to OSU Extension - Endowment Fund.  You can indicate on the printable form or check what you want the gift to be used for or just leave it blank to benefit all Extension programs in the county. The address to send to is: 29 SE 2nd St., Newport, OR 97365.  If you have questions about Lincon Coounty Foundation, Mr. Adams Krabbe will be glad to help you at 541-336-2546.  You can also call Leland Stuart - Extension Council member 541-563-2616 for any endowment fund questions  or Sam Angima at Extension office (541-574-6534) if you have any other questions about Extension programs in Lincoln County.

To see current programs offered by OSU Extension and for a printable form for the donation, please download, view, and print our program brochure by clicking here.