Pesticide Training Classes

Below is a list of commonly asked questions on Oregon Private Applicator Pesticide licenses.  A listing of classes offered through out the state can be obtained from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Commonly asked questions:

Q:  When is the private applicator exam given?

A: Tests are given at Chemeketa Community College, 4000 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, phone (503) 399-6556, and at University of Oregon Counseling & Testing Center - Room 238, 1590 East 13th Ave, Eugene, phone (541) 346-3230. Pre-registration is required at both sites, and walk-ins will not be accepted. Testing times may change each term. Callers will be advised of the specific date, location, and time they may test when they pre-register. Drivers license or other photo ID PLUS Social Security number is required at exam time.

Q: How do I find out how many credit hours I have toward recertification?

A: Call Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) at (503) 986-4635. You can also look up your hours directly at

Q: How many hours do I need?

A: You need a total of 16 hours over a five year period. This must include the "Core training" (4 hours) plus 12 additional hours.

Q: How many hours are allowed per year?

A: Maximum of 8, including Core training. If you have more than 8 hours, Core hours take priority over other hours.

Q: What is the Core training?

A: This is the required session that covers laws, safety, environmental protection, etc. It is worth 4 hours. "Other" hours are given at various Extension workshops, fertilizer company meetings, and conferences. CORE can be taken for "other" hour.

Q: Can CORE be taken more than once?

A: It depends. In general, ODA does not recommend taking more than 1 CORE class per year. If the class is a repeat or identical, you will not receive credit. (For example, attending more than one of the "canned" versions of CORE presented around the state.) However, in the case where two CORE programs are different and have been assigned different course numbers, ODA will give "other" credit hours for attending the second CORE. This is normally the case if you do not attend more than one CORE per year.

Q: When do licenses expire?

A: December 31. Credit hours are also on a calendar year basis.

Q: How long is the private applicator license valid for?

A: 5 years.

Q: I have a commercial or consultant license. Will I get credit for the Core class?

A: Yes, but it is required only for the private applicators.

Q: How do I prepare for the private applicator exam?

A: Pick up EM 8850 Oregon Pesticide Applicators Manual at the Extension Office ($22.50), or order from OSU. Also, we have a practice exam at the Linn County Extension office, no charge, that goes along with the manual.


Pesticide Examination Locations





 Pesticide-related certification exams are administered at the following locations:


Southern Oregon University
1250 Siskiyou Boulevard
Ashland, OR 
(541) 552-6206


Central Oregon
Community College
2500 NW College Way
Bend, OR
(541) 383-7539


U of O Counseling & Testing Center
1590 East 13th Avenue
Eugene, OR
(541) 346-3230


Mt. Hood Community College
26000 SE Stark St.
Gresham, OR
(503) 667-7647


Klamath Falls
Oregon Institute of Technology
3201 Campus Dr.
Klamath Falls, OR
(541) 885-1015


Treasure Valley Community College
650 College Blvd.
Ontario, OR
(541) 889-6493 ext 265


Blue Mountain Community College
2410 NW Carden Ave. 
Pendleton, OR
(541) 278-5930


Chemeketa Community College
4000 Landcaster Dr. NE
Salem, OR
(503) 399-6556


The Dalles
Columbia Gorge Community College
400 E. Scenic Dr.
The Dalles, OR
(541) 298-3112




Please contact the department's Pesticides Division in Salem at (503) 986-4635 if you have questions about the pesticide-related certification exams, licensing, or recertification.

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