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Interseeding Cover Crops in Vegetables

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VegNet is an insect pest monitoring program funded by the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission and managed by the Oregon State University Department of Horticulture.

The current VegNet report is posted here

VegNet for the week of September 25th

For more information about VegNet, and to see archives of past reports, visit or follow VegNet on Twitter (@osuvegnet)

Pest Management Guidlines

White Mold in Snap Beans

Root Rot in Sweet Corn

Black Leg in Brassica Crops

Recommended Two Spray Fungicide Programs 2009

How to determine percent bloom

How to determine percent mold

How to Identify Gray Mold in Snap Beans

Fungicide Trials 1972-1992

Bean Fungicide Trial 2005

Bean Fungicide Trial 2007

Bean Fungicide Trial 2008

Bean Fungicide Trial 2009

Alternatives to Ronilan

PNW Handbooks



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Commercial Vegetable Production Guides

Small Fruits


Nursery Crop Weed Management

Small Fruit Research

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