Conference Facility - Malheur County Extension Service

Facility Description

The facility provides:

  • tables and chairs that can be arranged in any desired configuration;
  • projector screens;
  • free wifi;
  • Flat screen wall mounted tv

Letter to Ag Service Center Conference Room Users

We have a very nice meeting room and we want you to use it. We also want to keep it nice and available to everyone for a long, long time. Here are the rules so that you know what you can do to help us accomplish this. We appreciate your help! 

How to Schedule the Room

Call or go to the Malheur County Extension Office (514-881-1417). The Schedule Calendar is kept on wall in front office, but anyone in the Extension Office can help you.

The Extension Office retains first choice of times, after which other entities in the Ag Service Center may schedule the rooms, and any other entities thereafter.

The key should be picked up in the Extension Office during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 12 Noon, and 1 PM – 5 PM, except Holidays) but other arrangements may be made if necessary.

If you learn that a scheduled meeting is not going to happen, please let us know as soon possible so that we can let someone else use it during that time. We try to accommodate as many groups as we can in order to make the best use of the facility.

You are expected to take good care of the room and its contents.

What You Get

The Conference Room is 30 feet wide by 34 feet long. Seating capacity for the whole room is 68 people, depending on the configuration of the tables and chairs.

There are projector screens in the room that can be set up in the room, along with a white board, podium, and a TV and VCR. You must bring your own coffee, creamer, sugar, napkins, cups or glasses or any other supplies you know you will need.

The refrigerator and stove, are not to be used due to safety policy. Both the microwave and sink are able to be used. The room has access from the level parking lot with a curb cut for wheel chairs by the East building entrance. There is also accessible restrooms in the hall outside the conference room.

What We Expect at the End of Your Meeting

  • Tables and chairs should be placed in a square with chairs around it for the next meeting.
  • There is a vacuum cleaner for you to use if there is an obvious need. It is kept in the mecanical closet located in the back of the conference room. There is a  fire extinguisher located byt the drinking fountain located in the hall of the extension office.
  • Dispose of any food or beverages. There are extra garbage bags under the sinks. Anything that is left in the rooms after you use them will either be thrown away or used for another meeting.
  • Clean the tables, chairs, counters, and appliances. There are paper towels and ammonia water in a spray bottle for cleaning. This can be safely used on counters, tables and spots on the carpet.
  • Wash, dry and put away any dishes and utensils you have used.
  • Check the restrooms to be sure the toilets are flushed and the paper towels are in the garbage and that no personal articles have been left there.
  • Turn thermostat down to 65 deqrees and turn off lights.
  • Remove any signs you may have attached to walls, windows or doors.
  • Take the garbage outside to the west side of the building and put it in the dumpster located inside the cinderblock enclosure. not blue cage-that is for carboard only.
  • Lock the outer double door and leave the key on the front counter at Extension Office.
  • Let the office know if there are any problems or repairs to be made. Repairs for damage made by your group will be your responsibility. 

What You Cannot Do

  • Smoking NOT allowed inside the Conference Room, its lobby or the restrooms.
  • No Alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  • Firearms and explosive devices are not allowed anywhere on the premises.
  • Animals are not allowed on the grounds or in the building, except for guide dogs.


The Conference Room facility is fully accessible to people with disabilities.

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