Project Areas

Project Areas

 Animal Science

 Consumer and Family Sciences

 Beef*  Child Care & Development*
 Cavies* (Guinea Pig)  Clothing & Textiles*
 Dairy Cattle*  Crocheting*
 Dairy Goat*  Foods/Nutrition
 Meat Goats  Food Preservation
 Horse & Pony*  Home Environment*
 Pigeon/Dove*  Knitting*
 Poultry  Outdoor Cooking
 Pygmy Goat*


 Rabbit*  Astronomy
 Sheep*  Bicycling
 Swine*  Computers
Guide Dogs*  
Small Animals*  

 Natural Science

 Bee Keeping (No Club)  Woodworking

 Expressive Arts

 Fly Tying (No Club)  Art
 Forestry (No Club)  Ceramics
 Geology  Fiber Arts
 Outdoor Discovery  Leathercraft
 Outdoors  Photography
 Shooting Sports  Scrapbooking
 Archery Discipline


 Shotgun Discipline  Gardening, Flowers & Ornamental*
 Rifle Discipline  Gardening, Vegetables & Herbs*

 Cloverbuds~K 3 Program

 Agriculture in the Classroom
  4-H Cloverbuds  Crops
   House Plants
   Ornamental Horticulture
   Container Gardening

 Personal Development

 Camp Program

 International Exchange

 Public Speaking
   Teen Leadership

 Science and Technology


 Science and Technology Literacy

   Veterinary Science*
   Renewable Energy
   Wood Science*/Woodworking
   Tractors and Equipment*
   Small Engines