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Veterinary Feed Directive: Questions and Answers for Oregon Livestock Producers

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Margin Protection Program 

-Website: Program on Dairy Markets and Policy

-Website: Introduction to the National Program on Dairy Markets and Policy and the MPP

-Website: Oregon Dairy Council

-Website: Dairy Farmers of Oregon (ODFA)

-pdf File: Malheur County Presentation—Using the Margin Protection Program-Dairy Decision Tool

-VIDEO DEMO: The MPP Decision Tool (18min40sec)

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The Oregon Cattlemen's Association has produced a couple of DVD's regarding Ranching's Commitment to Oregon.  I have provided links below for you to view the various stories.

Land of Contrasts - Part 1
Land of Contrasts - Part 2
Land of Contrasts:  Rancher Julie Laird
Land of Contrasts:  Oregon's MacClaran Family
Land of Contrasts:  Rancher John Scott
Land of Contrasts:  Rancher Wannie MacKenzie
Land of Contrasts:  Conclusion

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Oregon Beef Council

Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

OSU Beef Cattle Sciences



National Cattleman's Beef Association (NCBA)

County and State Ag. Econimic Info. (OAIN)



Greater Sage-Grouse Nest Predators in the Virginia Mountains of Northwestern Nevada.  The California ground squirrel, bobcats, long-tailed weasels, ravens, and the American badger are only some of the wildlife species that were photographed disturbing sage-grouse nests and eggs.  The complete set of photographs can be seen in the publication at:


Malheur County is the second largest county in Oregon.  It covers 6.3 million acres or approximately 9,874 square miles.  Seventy-two percent of this land is in public ownership, with the Bureau of Land Management managing nearly two-thirds of the public rangelands from its Vale District Office.

The Oregon State University Extension Service in Malheur County works with citizens, as well as partnering natural resource agencies, to promote management practices that are consistent with improving rangeland health for multiple uses (e.g., recreation, wildlife, and livestock).

Monitoring is a process that land managers can use assess how management decisions affect rangeland and natural resource health.  If you are interested in a rangeland monitoring workshop, please contact your Malheur County Livestock and Rangeland Extension Agent at  The extension office currently has 10 rangeland monitoring kits that private landowners can get on loan after receiving monitoring training.

OSU Extension Malheur County
Rangeland Monitoring Kits

  1. 1-Plano Tool Box with tray
  2. 1-CoolPix AW110 GPS Camera
  3. 1-Portable Desktop/Clipboard
  4. 1-Garmin eTrex 10 GPS
  5. 1-100’ ProTape
  6. 2-Stakes (red and white)
  7. 1-Corona Grass Shear
  8. 2-6’ Tekton Folding Ruler

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