Livestock & Rangeland Management

Agent - Sergio Arispe

Google Earth Pro Course: Enhancing Rangeland Awarness


Veterinary Feed Directive: Questions and Answers for Oregon Livestock Producers

Dairy Producers

Margin Protection Program 

-Website: Program on Dairy Markets and Policy

-Website: Introduction to the National Program on Dairy Markets and Policy and the MPP

-Website: Oregon Dairy Council

-Website: Dairy Farmers of Oregon (ODFA)

-pdf File: Malheur County Presentation—Using the Margin Protection Program-Dairy Decision Tool

-VIDEO DEMO: The MPP Decision Tool (18min40sec)


The Oregon Cattlemen's Association has produced a couple of DVD's regarding Ranching's Commitment to Oregon.  I have provided links below for you to view the various stories.

Land of Contrasts - Part 1
Land of Contrasts - Part 2
Land of Contrasts:  Rancher Julie Laird
Land of Contrasts:  Oregon's MacClaran Family
Land of Contrasts:  Rancher John Scott
Land of Contrasts:  Rancher Wannie MacKenzie
Land of Contrasts:  Conclusion


Additional Links:

Oregon Beef Council

Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

OSU Beef Cattle Sciences



National Cattleman's Beef Association (NCBA)

County and State Ag. Econimic Info. (OAIN)