Field Crops

Agent - Stuart Reitz

The northeast corner of the county is intensive irrigated agriculture where onions, potatoes, small grains, alfalfa, corn and numerous other crops are grown. This area is known as the Treasure Valley and covers part of Malheur County and extends into Idaho. Onions are the major crop in this valley, which produces about 25% of the onions consumed in this country. Of course, potatoes are grown here, and except for a small amount of sugar beets grown in Union County, all of the sugar beets grown in Oregon comes from Malheur County. Almost all of the sweet corn seed for the United States is grown in the Treasure Valley area as well.

PNW 686, Internal Dry Scale and Associated Bulb Rots of Onion
Lindsy du Toit, Tim Waters, Stuart Reitz

Onion growers and packers in the Pacific Northwest have observed a problem on red, white, and yellow cultivars: internal dry scale. Bulbs affected by internal dry scale have dead inner scales that are susceptible to fungi, bacteria, and yeasts, which can lead to rot. In addition to outlining the incidences and symptoms of internal dry scale and associated bulb rots of onion, this publication discusses the factors that contribute to it and suggests tactics for limiting it.