Family & Community Health

Agent - Barbara Brody

Oregon State University's Extension Family & Community Health (FCH) program serves Oregonians through education, community partnerships, and action. FCH focuses on programs that will promote healthy communities, healthy families, and healthy individuals.

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Oregon State University Extension Family and Community Health programs and community partnerships help all Oregonians achieve a healthy, nurturing family and caring community.

We have a strong focus on food and nutrition. For a variety of links to food innovations, information, and interesting articles related to food and nutrition offered through OSU visit the community nutrition website.

The Oregon Nutrition Education Program (NEP) Mission is to educate limited income Oregonians about healthy food choices and physical activity.  The Oregon Family Nutrition Program (OFNP) is offered through the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education, better known as SNAP-Ed. We assist those who qualify for our programming including adults, seniors, teen parents, and youth in families with limited incomes. More than 80 percent of adult NEP participants are enrolled in at least one food assistance program.  Our programs are delivered through classes, demonstrations, workshops, displays, education materials delivered to the home, and social marketing. There is no cost to participants.

NEP programs help families manage food resources, make healthy food choices and handle food safely.

Our Food Hero social marketing campaign encourages families to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink healthier beverages. The Food Hero website provides links to over 150 recipes in English and Spanish as well as tips for buying fresh foods less expensively, budgeting for food, and cooking foods safely.

For more information please contact:

Barbara Brody
Family & Community Health/4-H Faculty
Malheur County 581 SW 33rd Street
Ontario, OR 97914
Tel: 541-207-8078

OSUES Vision: Oregon State University Extension Service is the “Front door to OSU” and the premier provider of non-formal education that meets the needs of Oregonians and contributes significantly to strong individuals, families and communities, a vibrant economy, and sustainable natural resources. Oregon State University Extension Service offers educational programs, activities, and materials without discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran status. Oregon State University Extension Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer.