4-H Enrollment Information

Staff - Membership and Enrollment Forms

2013-14 Enrollment information

If you are a member or potential member looking for enrollment information for your county 4-H program, please contact your county 4-H office. Enrollment deadlines, fees, and forms vary slightly from county to county so it's important to get information that is correct for your situation. Remember to enroll early, the 4-H year starts Oct 1, 2013 don't miss out on a minute of it!

Enrollment is easy! 

Print off the forms listed below and bring them into the Malheur County Extension Office either in person or by mail.

Forms for Youth

Forms for Adults

Volunteer Orientation and Training

Malheur County requires all leaders to complete all 4 modules in the e-Learning Course befor becomming an 4-H Volunteer.

e-Learning Overview and Instructions

e-Learning Volunteer Course

Resources for Volunteers

The following link will take you to the OSU Home Page for 4-H Volunteers. The are several very good resources available on this site. Please take time to visit the site and see everything avilable for 4-H volunteers.