Record Books

Each year you should write down the fun times, hard times, the crying and laughing times, the
frustration and successes to paint a verbal picture of your 4-H year. "A 4-H record is what the 4-H'er wants or needs to tell someone else (that doesn't know them) what they have done as a
result of being a 4-H member."

As you continue your career in high school, the 4-H information you record in a 4-H record book
will help you fill out applications for work, college or perhaps apply for a special trip or award where  the application calls for the information from your 4-H record book.

4-H records show your growth through the years. It lists how you have helped others, what you
have been able to teach and  share, as well as what you have learned. It shows profit and loss,
goals set and accomplished.

Record Book Forms

Member Resources in Spanish

All youth in Malheur County are required to turn in a completed record book.

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