2014 Class Materials

2014 Class Schedule

Schedule changes

  • "Gardening and Water Quality" with Jacqueline Fern has been moved to the afternoon of February 10. "Pruning Ornamentals" with Neil will now be the morning session on January 27.
  • Since weather prevented the February 10 class, Neil has extended the sessions by one week, through April 7. Sections originally scheduled for March 31 will now be on April 7.
  • March 31 - the morning session will be Jacqueline Fern on water quality. Bernadine Strik on berries and grapes will enhance your afternoon.

There was a question about the reading assignments. Chapters appear in the right-hand column when I view the schedule. If you are having trouble accessing this, please let me know.

If you miss a class, you may be able to make it up at a nearby county. Check the makeup schedule to select a date and location, then sign in with Sherry in the makeup log. Because schedules are subject to change, we suggest that you call the county’s contact number in advance to be sure the class you need is still on the date listed. Class locations are listed for all counties included on the makeup schedule.

Makeup schedule changes

  • For the 3 Metro counties (classes in Beaverton, Oregon City and Portland), there is a switch in dates. "Vertebrate Pests" has been moved to afternoons the week of Feb. 18. "IPM" (Integrated Pest Management) has been moved to mornings the week of March 11.
  • Lane Co. evening classes have all been postponed to September, due to low enrollment. There is (so far) no change to the day class schedule.
  • In Yamhill Co., "Home Orchards", originally scheduled for February 20 will now be delivered online. These classes are not available to non-YC students.

Blank copies of the OSU forms you signed are available online, in case you want a file copy.

After classes end, you will need to complete 66 payback hours. These will be explained more fully in class.

Check these out! You are encouraged to bookmark and explore two OSU sites: the publications catalog and the gardening encyclopedia. Both provide a wealth of resources.

January 6 - Orientation - Neil Bell

January 6 - Botany - Gail Gredler

January 13 – Plant ID – Dr. Breen uses this online database in lieu of a PowerPoint presentation. You may want to explore it before class. An excellent supplement, for trees only, is this dichotomous key. It is also a good way to practice using a key, which you will do more of both during and after your entomology class.

January 13 - Brown bag lunch with your mentor

January 13 - Soils and Amendments - Joy Jones.  Joy said there are quite a number of changes from last year's version, so both are available for your perusal. She also provided a list of soil-related OSU publications, a handout on Texturing by Feel, and showed you a Deficiencies Key.

January 20 - Home Tree Fruit - Steve Renquist

January 20 - Photo day!

January 20 - Veggie gardening - Pat Patterson.  Pat also talks about vegetable families and how to make a soil block for seed starting. There is also a link to the Far West Trade Show which Pat mentioned.

January 27 - Pruning Ornamentals, Part 1 and Part 2 - Neil Bell. Please note this is a subject change from the original schedule.

January 27 - Brown bag lunch topic - Care of garden tools - Carl Heinke

January 27 - Lawns - Alec Kowalewski. Lots of goodies! There are PowerPoint (PPT) slides and a handout for each topic: Mowing (PPT) and Mowing; Fertilizing (PPT) and Fertilizing; Irrigation (PPT) and Irrigation; Cultivation (PPT) and Cultivation; Weeds (PPT) and Weeds. You may also want to check out the Penn State Center for Turfgrass Science that Alec mentioned.

February 3 - Pesticide Safety - David Spink  One resource David will be using is the PNW Plant Disease Management tutorial. The labels used in the exercises are also available: #1 and #2.

February 3 - Brown bag lunch topic - Mason Bees - Carol Horning

February 3 - Composting - Linda Brewer.  Worm resources: Marion County vermiculture information and an OSU publication - Use the link to the OSU catalog then type EM 9034 into the search box and click on Go. And of course, the article on worm towers.

February 10 - Brown bag lunch with your mentor - May be rescheduled

February 17 - The loupes have arrived. Pick yours up after you sign in for the morning class. And they're just in time for your closer look at "critters" with Jean.

February 17 - We have door prizes for everyone today!! Carol has been dividing her Jerusalem artichokes, and found she has plenty to share. We'll try to have some small bags available, but if you want starts and can bring your own bag (plastic is good, as they are quite moist), that will help. Not familiar with this plant? Growing them (commercial information, but helpful), the JA as an "heirloom" vegetable, and how to use them may help you decide how many starts to take.

February 17 - Entomology - Jean Natter   In addition to the PDF slides, Jean provides a guide to using a dichotomous key for insect identification.

February 17 - The Volunteer Fair provides an opportunity to learn about many Master Gardener activities. Please plan to "brown bag" so that you can stay on-site for lunch.

February 17 - Growing from seed - Neil Bell.  Plus demos of three propagation techniques.

February 19 - If you didn't receive Neil's e-mail with the attached list of contacts for the Plant and Yard sale, please drop him an e-mail so it can be re-sent.

February 24 - Vertebrate Pests - Chip Bubl

February 24 - Organic Gardening - Weston Miller

March 3 - Plant Pathology - Cynthia Ocamb - Cindy has no handouts.We cannot post slides of her PowerPoint due to copyrights on many of the photographs. She said that the presentation directly follows the material in the Sustainable Gardening textbook.

March 3 - Resources - Neil Bell.  Please feel free to bring your electronic devices so you can follow as Neil introduces you to some of the online resources on which we rely. There will also be a large collection of hardcopy materials. In case you want to explore other standard online sites, here's a list of the Help Desk computer bookmarks.

March 10 - Plant problem diagnosis, part 1 - Neil Bell

March 10 - Potluck lunch - Class members, mentors, and veterans

March 10 - IPM - Gail Gredler

March 17 - Weeds - Andy Hulting

March 17 - Plant problem diagnosis, part 2 - Neil Bell

March 17 - Quinoa cookie recipe, as requested

March 24 - Spring break - No class

March 31 - Gardening and Water Quality - Jacqueline Fern  Additional resources Jackie mentioned:  Natural Enemy Pocket Guide; Gardening with Oregon Native Plants, EC 1577; Pesticide characteristics by common or chemical name; Garden Smart (guide to non-invasive plants); Using Greywater; more about soils; Rain Gardens - this file will not upload, possibly because of its size. Extension staff will have or can order it for you.

March 31 - Berries and Grapes - Bernadine Strik  Blackberry; Blueberry; Grape; Raspberry; Strawberry

March 31 - Take-home final distributed

April 7 - Help Desk orientation - Elaine Smith

April 7 - Correct final exam - Neil Bell

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