Agritourism connects consumers with agricultural producers, products and experiences, often on farms. 

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Why Agritourism?

Around the country, many farm/ranches are diversifying their product base and including value-added endeavors like agritourism to enhance profitability.

Agritourism has benefits for both the farmer/rancher and the consumer. In addition to serving as an additional source of income, agritourism can benefit farmers/ranchers by:

  1. Helping create name recognition for your agricultural products
  2. Helping educate consumers about farming/ranching and America’s rural heritage
  3. Generating financial incentives for the protection and enhancement of your farm/ranch’s natural resources and natural amenities
  4. Generating “spillover” economic development opportunities in your community by bringing tourists into town who may then shop, eat and lodge locally.

Agritourism Best Practices Series

Selling Farm Produce by Volume, Count or Weight


Upcoming Workshops

April 13- Using Sensory Education as a Marketing Tool: A Chocolate Case Study

This workshop is intended for small farmers to take your marketing to the next level. Learn how to convey the sensory experience of an on-farm, value-added product to potential clients. Examples include kimchi, honey, kombucha, jams, etc. Learn how to educate your customers with demonstrated sensory evaluations. This workshop is focused on marketing for small farmers with or interested in producing value-added products.


When: April 13th, 2-3pm

Where: Oregon Farm Bureau Building, Upstairs Boardroom, 1320 Capitol St NE, Salem, OR



  • Eat early, light lunch
  • Avoid smell foods (garlic, onion, etc.)
  • Refrain from fragrant body sprays and perfumes


Cost: $20 per participant, limited to 10 small farmers

NOTE: this event is for farmers ONLY

Register HERE

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