Becoming a 4-H Volunteer Leader

4-H volunteer leaders are the core group of every successful 4-H program! As a 4-H volunteer leader, you play a key role in helping young people grow as individuals, acquire new knowledge and skills, and become active members of their communities. You will gain personal satisfaction and pride in knowing you have contributed significantly to the personal development of youth.


For more information about 4-H and 4-H volunteer leadership, please feel free to check out one of the following information sheets:  Facts about 4-H, 4-H Volunteer Leader (Q & A), and 4-H volunteer leader sample job descriptions. All potential adult 4-H volunteers must go through our screening process and introductory education class.  Contact Melanie Mintken for a leader information packet or read and complete the process below:



Steps to becoming a 4-H volunteer leader


1   Volunteer Service Application and Background Release forms

      A completed application form begins your volunteer leadership journey.  All three references will be checked (so please provide complete contact information) and cannot be family members/relatives or others who live with you.

            Background Release Form Spanish

A criminal background check is conducted by the Oregon State University Human Resources Department, in cooperation with the Oregon State Police.  Please note:  the Background Release form needs to be returned to us in a sealed envelope marked “Confidential”.

      2    NEW REQUIREMENTS: 4-H Volunteer "e-Learning Modules & "Orientation Training"


3    Personal Interview Questionnaire

        This serves as a basis for any interview follow-up needed with the potential leader.


4      4-H Leader Education Schedule

  All volunteers must attend a 4-H Leader Education class. 2 + hours training sessions run from 6:30-9 pm or from  10am-Noon on a weekday morning. Classes are held at the Marion County Extension Office at 3180 Center Street, Salem. Trainings take place between Oct-April.  Check out our 4-H Calendar for upcoming 4-H Leader Education classes.


Approval process:


After the 4-H office has received all of your paper work (including all 3 references, personal interview, proof of completing all 4 modules of the "4-H Volunteer e-Learning" and your criminal background check returning positive feedback) and you have completed your training, your file will be reviewed. Upon approval, a letter of 4-H congratulations will be sent in the mail and you may begin the process for enrolling your 4-H club.

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