Every $1 of county funds brings $6 from other sources

OSU Extension Service in Marion County is funded by federal, state, and county government, special grant funded initiatives and fees. Marion County has provided funding to the Oregon State University Extension Service for many years. Typically, federal, state and grant funds pay for faculty and staff delivering education, while Marion County and fees pay for support items, such as office staff, materials, rent, utilities, equipment, travel funds and publications.

 Annual budget request to Marion County - Marion County is providing $348,828 in funding to support Extension programs in Marion County for July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. This is the same level of funding we have received since reducing the FY 08-09 by 5%. Attached is the budget request submitted to Marion County.

 The annual budget document shows the allocation of county funds by category: $159,544 is for personnel salary, $102,289 is for personnel benefits (OPE), and $86,995 is for materials and services. Marion County provides the office space (4,075 square feet) and utilities as an in-kind match. This is estimated to be approximately $50,000 annually.

On average, every dollar of county funds is matched with four dollars of other funds. Approximately $475,000 are federal funds, $800,000 are state funds, $350,000 are county funds, $475,000 are grant funds and $175,000 are fees. 

 Volunteer contribution - We train volunteers who deliver services throughout Marion County. In 2010, these volunteers reported contributing just over 43,000 hours of service which is equal to over 20 full time employees for a year. Marion County‚Äôs volunteer report for 2010 is attached. The value of volunteer time, based on the average hourly earnings  plus benefits as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and compiled by the Independent Sector, is estimated to be over $800,000.

Using the addition of volunteer effort, every $1 of county funds brings $6 from other sources.