Advisory Network

Marion County Citizens Advisory Network, Oregon State University Extension Service, Marion County

Purpose - Provide a network of diverse, multi-dimensional volunteers willing to provide
advice to the Marion County staff chair and faculty regarding current and future direction
for the Extension programs, and to advocate on behalf of the Extension Service in Marion

Membership - An array of volunteers who support the mission of OSU Extension
Service and Extension programs in Marion County and represent the following interests:

• Various communities of interest (programs, culture)

• Various communities of place (cities, towns, neighborhoods)

• Significant partnering organizations in the County (e.g. Children and Families,
Soil and Water Conservation District, school districts)

Advisory Roles

1. Provide advice to staff chair regarding future trends and priorities for the people
of Marion County, current developments, program emphasis, organization health
and relationships, and funding partnerships.

2. Serve as liaison between Extension Service, local communities and organizations
to increase partnerships, improve relationships, and leverage efforts for current
and future education programs.

Advocacy Roles

1. Advocate and build support for Extension programs and budget with county
commissioners, state legislators, congressional delegates, state and local groups
and individuals.

2. Coordinate efforts with OSU Extension Service’s statewide Citizens Advisory

3. Inform other key constituencies and seek support and information on the changing
needs of Oregonians.

Organizational Structure

Appointment - Representatives are selected by the staff chair in consultation with faculty
and staff. Individuals are invited to participate annually for up to a 3-year term.

Leadership - Leadership positions will be established by the Advisory Network.
Volunteers are elected from current members and will serve for one year.

Meetings - The Advisory Network chair will conduct the meetings with assistance from
the staff chair. The Network will meet three times per year (January, April, and
September). The Network may form work groups that meet more frequently and report
progress to the Network at regularly scheduled meetings.


Advisory Network Meeting Minutes:

1/27/09         3/31/09

10/28/08       5/26/09





Staff Participation - Extension faculty and staff will be invited to participate as
their schedules permit. All Network members and office staff will be informed of the
group’s activities by mail or email.