4-H Dog Program

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Getting Started in Dogs

     The 4-H Dog Project is open to youth ages 9-19.

               Junior - ages 9-11 

               Intermediates - ages 12-14

               Seniors - ages 15-19

Occasionally a youth may handle a more eperienced 4-H obedience dog-to help determine the correct obedience level for competition--or a question on advancing to the next level of obedience-the committee will review on a case-by-case basis (9/7/04).

The Dog 4-H project is one that is best done in a club setting. While not impossible, it is difficult to have an independent dog project. This is due to the county requirements for the dog project: records, training sessions, knowledge, etc. The training sessions not only train your dog, but proof the team for control, aggression issues and give the handler opportunities to work with variables not available when working alone.

All care and fitting of the dog must be done by the youth.


Click here to enable  us to find you a 4-H Dog Club in your local area of Marion County


Dog Project Materials

               Sample Lease Agreement (due in the 4-H office by April 1st)

               Dog vaccination/health form

               Dog Advancement

               Dog Project Record