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As the Marion County Field Crops Agent I work with agricultural producers growing field crops such as grass seed, clover seed, oilseed, grains (wheat, barley, oats) that are typically grown without irrigation.  In addition, peppermint and hops are field crops grown in this area that require irrigation. My work in Extension is divided into three primary areas listed below. I also oversee seed certification activities in the county:

Cropping systems management for grain, grass and legume seed.

  •  Providing education and applied research programs addressing current economic, environmental, and social issues with timely information to enhance the grower’s ability to utilize the resources of land, equipment, labor, and inputs. This will help increase the efficiency of the farming operation while maintaining sustainable practices.

Industry and producer networking.  

  • Participate and provide leadership as needed in appropriate commodity organizations.  Provide educational programs to assist in decision making.

Pesticide Stewardship and training.

  •  Educate growers and support industry on the proper and effective use of pesticides. 

am currently involved in the following research projects to address contemporary issues that are facing farmers.           

  • Nutrient management – Effective use of major nutrient applications and timings.  Optimizing use of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements based on soil sample test results and crop needs.
  • Fungicide research – Adaptation of the Grass Stem Rust weather model to determine fungicide applications. A cooperative effort between OSU Extension and USDA-ARS.
  • Herbicide demonstration plots – Comparison of herbicide materials and combinations for effective weed control method in field crops.
  • Barley yellow dwarf virus – Coordinated effort to determine impact and control methods for minimizing BYDV in grass seed crops.
  • Field burning – Measuring the effect of non-thermal crop residue management practices on yield and weed control in fine fescue seed crops grown on highly erodible landscapes. 
  • Swathing studies – Determination of the optimum swathing time in grass seed crops for maximizing seed yield and quality.
  • New wheat variety strip trials – Comparison of yields on new soft white winter wheat varieties suitable for the Willamette Valley.