Work Sites

Fishermens Bend: 

OSU Extension –YES and BLM work together to restore and maintain the Fishermens Bend service-site. Students work together to remove invasive plants, restore grounds and educate the public about various environmental science topics.


                Silver Falls: 

OSU Extension –YES has been working on rebuilding the natural habitat of Silver Falls State Park. In efforts of doing so, students have been designing their own service-learning project to remove invasive species near the sewage berm and beyond. For more information, please contact Dan Hoynacki. Progress photos are available.


                Cascade Gateway Park:

As a product of Leading the Change 2013, students have decided to dedicate their time this year to the Cascade Gateway Park. Within this leadership project, students plan to write grants, remove noxious plant species near the mill Creekside, plant native species in its place, as well as raise money to provide fencing to protect and restore the area. For more information, contact Early College High School Student, Ryan Thompson and Chemeketa Community College student, Jason Scott.  


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