Our broader message to students

Our broader message to students

is that they have an opportunity to learn and discover natural resource science in a fun, enjoyable environment where a good work ethnic and mutual respect are cornerstones. Students recognize that their opinions and perspectives count and can enjoy an informed voice in how they learn, and that they can facilitate change. Students are able to interact one-on-one with public and private natural resource professionals and educators and learn about "family-wage" agriculture and forestry-related careers first-hand. Higher education pathways will be customized for individual needs. Students make new friends, develop their peer communication and relationship skills, and connect with adults and college student mentors. They also develop a sense of community by working on projects that directly benefit the social or environmental well-being of their community, and through having a functional voice in how the program is implemented. More specifically, students will see tangible ways to develop their self-confidence, impact decision-making, problem solving and community-building, and gain respect for a process-based method to achieve their short and long term goals.

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A group of Cascade Middle School students pile up on the beach near Pacific City following the SOLV beach cleanup.


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A lifelong friendship is formed between Michael Hooper and a student from South Africa at the 2007 Caretakers of the Environment International conference in Hong Kong.


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We always have fun -- even in the rain!



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