Our Learning Objectives

Through text and real work application experience, provide opportunities for students to:    

1. Develop understanding of the basic concepts of wildlife biology, ecosystems, wildlife managements, and peoples' relationships to water and land through learning about quantity and quality issues, aquatic wildlife and management systems

2. Learn about natural resouce management best and sustainable practices, including cultural history of forest and agriculture management practices

3. Learn directly from natural resource professionals about career opportunities

4. Directly apply new knowledge in a hands-on, community-based improvement project; and

5. Identify the pathways to higher education that supports natural resource careers in forestry and agriculture science fields.


Wildlife, Watersheds, and Whatnot (W3) is an after-school class geared towards service-learning through environmental education and connecting youth with natural resouce specialist. W3 includes over 100 hours of instruction and service learning with students earning at least a 1/2 high school class credit, depending on their school.

Youth Enviro Squad (YES) is a lesser commitment open to more students with greater emphasis on service-learning than W3, with events from 15 to 70 participants.

SHIP3 (Leadership, Stewardship, Partnership) is an advanced class for youth who have demonstrated leadership potential and environmental stewardship. These students help plan YES events, mentor at-risk and program peers, and develop community outreach programs. SHIP3 is the primary step to participation in Caretakers for the Environment International (CEI) - United States Branch, Oregon Chapter.



W3 youth seine a local creek for fish using techniques learned from Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife personnel.


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Jon Meyer of the Oregon Department of Forestry instructs one of our groups on the nature of the forest



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A leadership student uses the skills he's learned to remove invasive weeds.

















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