What is SHIP3?

SHIP3 (Leadership, Stewardship, Citizenship) is an advanced class for youth who have demonstrated leadership potential and environmental stewardship. These students help plan YES events, mentor at-risk and program peers, and develop community outreach programs. SHIP3 is the primary step to participation in Caretakers for the Environment International (CEI) - United States Branch, Oregon Chapter. Students in this program can earn part time job placement either during the school year after-school or during the summer under the Restoration Wednesday program, where students may earn a stipend for learning best management practices in stewardship of natural resources at public and private sites throughout Marion County. Restoration Wednesday is subject to available staff and funding of the stipend program.

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SHIP3 students point out how storm water from Pringle Creek overflowed its banks; work on their project research before determining their specific action steps.

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