Wildlife, Watersheds, and Whatnot (W3)

What is W3?

W3 is an after-school natural resource science class offered in Salem for students grade 7 through 11. The broad theme is to encourage more harmony and less conflict between the natural and built environments through hands-on learning of best management practices in the context of the local community. Secondarily, it is a leadership development class to give youth exposure to peers and professional adults they likely would not encounter in a traditional classroom setting or other after-school programs.

W3 photo

Scott Eden of Marion Soil and Water Conservation District instructs the W3 class on innovative storm water management and erosion control techniques


W3 Wildlife, Watersheds, and Whatnot: Class offered on Wednesdays from 3:00-6:30 pm, and one or two Saturdays per month for 0.5 high school science or elective credit. 80% of the class is in the field and is designed to connect youth with the work of natural resource specialists, plus learn about potential careers. Participation and completion of the 100+ hour class is a requirement for students wishing to participate in Caretakers of the Environment International activities through the USA Branch, Oregon Chapter. Originally designed as a one-term class, this past year we have made it optional to continue as a full credit class over two terms, with a pool of over 50 natural resource professionals to draw upon for the weekly class, supplemented with Saturday service-learning and enrichment activities.

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