Youth Enviro Squad (YES)

What is YES?

Youth Enviro Squad (YES) is often a first-time team effort for youth to make a difference in nuturing our natural environment - beach cleanup, restoration planting, weed removal. It's a great place to refine a work ethic, widen the peer circle, and the often eye-opening experience that you can have fun, learn and accomplish something all at the same time. Our largest event has included 80 participants. YES is a recruiting ground for our W3 and leadership students. YES usually meets one or two Saturdays or school holidays per month in conjunction with W3 when it is in session. New attendees need a signed parent permission slip and any pertinent medical information on file.


Students mentor what they learn

Students build a trail at Oregon Garden retention ponds; pull invasive weeds at Bonesteele  Country park, and collect trash at the SOLV Bean Clean-up

 Bonesteele Park SOLV Beach Cleanup   

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