Friday in the Apiary: February 17, 2017

Colony autopsies!

Let's glove up and dissect the remains of deadout colonies to determine the cause of death. We'll discuss common reasons for winter colony mortality and how we can prevent them in the future. Did you lose a hive this winter? Bring a frame or two and we can puzzle over them together.

If we have time, let's get cooking and make some fondant! Your honey bees are at the greatest risk of starvation in late winter/early spring (NOW!). Fondant, or sugar candy, is an effective way to feed in emergency situations. 

Due to classroom space, we must limit the group to 25 people. Please RSVP and I'll send a map and directions.

Starvation photo by Alex Wild.


February 17, 2017, 3-5pm, OSU Apiary, Corvallis, Oregon. RSVP required.

"Friday in the Apiary" is an opportunity to gather, visit, and learn more about beekeeping at OSU's apiary at the Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture. Every third Friday of the month, you are invited to come and discuss hive management strategies for the month and get to know other beekeepers. This is a casual, loosely structured event intended to provide a learning experience in a relaxed setting.

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