Mentor Spotlight: Morris Ostrofsky

Morris Ostrofsky is the first Oregonian to be certified as a Master Beekeeper in Washington state’s program.

Looking at the young beekeeper in this photo it isn’t a surprise that some 40 plus years later he would be certified as a Master Beekeeper.  Bees have always been part of Morris Ostrofsky’s life.  During the  2013 Washington State Beekeepers’ Conference  in  October, Morris will be presented his certificate as a Master Beekeeper.  He will be joining only five other living beekeepers with the  Master certification in Washington.

The path to Master Beekeeper certification involves first obtaining the Apprentice and Journey certifications.  The Master Certification requires the accumulation of 2000 points: 1000 in service and 1000 divided among four papers and one presentation. 

Morris started working on Washington’s Master Beekeeper Apprentice certification in 2009. Established in 1983 the Washington Master Beekeeper program currently has over 3000 Apprentice beekeepers. 

Morris is both a mentor and instructor for Oregon’s Master Beekeeper program.  As a life-long learner and now officially a Master at his craft, he loves nothing more than to share his knowledge and experience with others.  Congratulations, Morris.