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Friday in the Apiary: June 19, 2015

This month's theme:

Trouble in the Apiary!

We will discuss the myriad problems that can occur in your apiary this time of year. We have a few issues in the OMB apiary to fix:

  • A queen started laying in the honey supers!
  • One hive has an underperforming queen.
  • Our drone frames are being ignored!
  • Mites problems during the nectar flow.
  • Nosema: are our spore counts too high? What should we do?


Please join us on Friday June 19 at the OSU apiary. Bring your hat/veil and plenty of water. Please RSVP for further details. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Apprentice News

Friday in the Apiary: May 15, 2015

Topics for the May Friday in the Apiary include honey supering and how to know if your hive is being ruled by a good queen. We will take a look at hives with old queens and hives with brand new queens and discuss the differences we see. Please join us at the OSU apiary on Friday from 3-5pm. Email for directions. Bring your hat/veil and gloves.

Apprentice News

Journey Lab Day by Jodi Wiktorowski

On April 4th, the Oregon Master Beekeeper program held the first Journey level lab day! Journey level beekeepers gathered in the entomology lab at OSU for a fun session on honey bee dissection! There were 2 sessions, and they were full! I attended the morning session.

Following a brief microscope care discussion with Morris Ostrofsky, each beekeeper was stationed at a dissecting microscope and given a petri dish of bees. Watchmaker forceps and sharp scissors were handed out. With direction from Judy Scher and Lynn Royce, we identified, dissected, photographed, and explored the anatomical world of honey bees up close and personal. Pollen baskets, antenna cleaners, hairy eyes, venom sacs, tongues, hamuli hooks on wings, and guts full of pollen were found by all! Carolyn Breece discussed future lab day topics including nosema evaluation, disease identification, and pest identification.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves during lab day! This is another great addition to the Master beekeeper program that is extremely valuable to understanding these creatures we all love. If you missed it, be sure to sign up next time, you will not regret it!