Participation Criteria

Beekeeping Demonstration

Enrollment in the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program at the Apprentice Beekeeper level begins with submission of a completed application form. Subsequent placement in the Apprentice level is based on the incoming student’s beekeeping experience.

Zero to 1 year beekeeping experience without a colony

 1 to 4 years beekeeping experience

5 or more years of current beekeeping experience

Students who are in the Getting Started program are not assigned a mentor and in most cases will be accepted into the program. Students starting the program in Continued Learning need to be assigned a mentor. Assignments are based on the availability of volunteer program mentors in the student’s region.  Second year Getting Started students are assigned mentors first.

The enrollment process begins in late summer when notices to complete an application are emailed to those on the waiting list. Respondents are notified when a match with a mentor is made. At that time, the student pays the $150 enrollment fee. Before the first class, the student will receive the approved text and other related forms and materials.