Areas of Proficiency

The objective for the Master level student is to broaden his/her beekeeping expertise by developing new proficiencies. Three (3) areas of proficiency, two of which must be new, are added over the course of the program. Program participants may work on more than one proficiency at the same time. A list of possible areas of proficiency follows the description of this requirement. Additional proficiencies may be submitted to the advisor.

Submit a proposal for each proficiency. The proposal should be a one- to two-paged typed, double-spaced description of each proficiency and the plan to develop this proficiency.

Your plan should include:

  • The proficiency
  • Your objective, e.g., to make money, research, learn, produce, teach, etc.
  • What resources you will look for/review to become competent in the proficiency
  • How you will implement your plan
  • Materials you will likely need and how you will get resources to obtain/make what you need
  • Verifiable and objective metrics you will use to verify whether or not you have achieved proficiency success

Complete your proficiency within 2 years. If there are unforeseen issues that develop during your plan execution, communicate with your advisor.

Submit a typed, double-spaced summary describing your demonstration of each proficiency. The summary should include:

  • A description of the implementation of your plan
  • A list of any references consulted with a short statement on how the references were useful
  • A description of what worked and what didn't work with your plan and what could have been done better or differently to help achieve the expected outcome

Suggested areas of proficiency:

  • Rear queen(s) and evaluate their performance
  • Honey or wax products: marketing/sales/design a honey extracting facility
  • Prepare other hive products: production/sales/develop a line of hive products
  • Develop a piece of equipment or modify an existing one to make it more useful
  • Develop curriculum for a bee school or honey bee learning module for elementary schools
  • Rent bees for pollination
  • Judge a honey show
  • Prepare nucs for sale
  • Show or demonstrate a proficiency in diagnosis of honey bee diseases including the use of a microscope.
  • Work for or as a migratory beekeeper for at least one year
  • Other proficiency approved by advisory board