Oral Exam

Note: A minimum of one research project and one literature review must be completed in order to apply to take the Oral exam.

The oral exam is comprised of 3 parts:

Part A (30 min): Presentation and Q&A

  1. Prepare and present a 15-minute review of one of your research projects or literature review papers.
  2. Answer questions about the project or paper (15 min). You may be asked about other research papers you have written.

Part B (15 min): Committee asks "knowledge questions" (e.g., describe the symptoms of AFB and what to do when a hive has AFB).

Part C (15 min): Committee asks "public questions", or questions that the public may ask (e.g., what do I do about bees in my chimney?). Candidate will answer as if responding to a member of the public.