Oregon Master Beekeeper Certification

The purpose of the Oregon Master Beekeeper level certification program is to certify beekeepers who:

  • Have  in-depth  knowledge  of  honey  bee  biology  and  demonstrate  expertise  in  colony management
  • Engage in ongoing public service activities
  • Present detailed, accurate, clear, and authoritative information to the beekeeping and non- beekeeping public, both orally and in written forms
  • Challenge themselves by developing proficiency in areas new to them
  • Think critically and seek answers to questions or observations using the scientific method
  • Support honey bees and beekeeping at local, state, and national levels

Portions of the certification program will be conducted in conjunction with the annual Oregon State Beekeepers Association Conference. Certification will be coordinated by personnel designated by the Oregon Master Beekeeper committee. 

To apply to the Master Beekeeper certification program applicants must:

  • Be certified as an Oregon Journey beekeeper
  • Have a minimum of 3 years current beekeeping experience at the time of application

Certification as an Oregon Master Beekeeper requires

  • A minimum of two (2) years mentoring Oregon Master Beekeeper Apprentice participants
  • A total of five (5) years beekeeping experience at time of certification
  • Successful completion of five (5) requirements:
    1. Develop two research projects using the scientific method or two outreach projects or a combination of the two. Note after 1/1/18 Master level students are required to do one outreach project and one research project either individually or in conjunction with OSU Bee lab or other university
    2. Two literature reviews
    3. Passing score in an oral exam
    4. 100 public service points
    5. Demonstration of proficiency in 3 areas (two of which must be new to you at the time of Master Level application). A list of suggested proficiencies may be found on page 7.

Advisory Support

The Oregon Master Beekeeper committee will assign each Master Level student a 3-person advisory board to facilitate the student’s progress over the course of the program. One person on the advisory board will serve as the student’s main contact. The main advisor will 

  • Be available to respond to participant questions
  • Work with other advisory board members to help in proposal and paper submissions and evaluations
  • Evaluate the depth of topic proposed, how it will be approached, and what references will be used. The advisor will seek approval by the advisory board. When the proposal is reviewed and approved by the board, the student may start work.
  • Grade papers with the assistance of the advisory board
  • Notify the Master student if his/her paper needs revision, correction, additions, subtractions, etc. in order to obtain a passing grade of 80% or higher
  • Sign off on all the other point requirements needed for each student
  • Report to the Master Beekeeper committee, as requested, the progress for each student
  • Coordinate completion of requirements with program administration