Public Service Points

Public Service Points

Educating the general public as well as fellow beekeepers is a major component of the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program.  Public service is a key element of the Journey Beekeeper level certification. During the Journey program, participants demonstrate their knowledge and skills by giving back to the community and other beekeepers.

Public Service activities educate and serve others in a number of ways, and include talking about bees in schools, collecting swarms, writing articles, and organizing or staffing booths at public events.  Entering products of the hive in honey shows and judging a honey show are other examples of public service.  Service to the beekeeping community is also a key part of this program. For instance, a participant may earn points by becoming active on the board of a local or state bee association, mentoring new beekeepers, or giving a talk at a local bee club.

The Public Service requirement is to engage in public service activities and accummulate a total of 30 public service points. Points must be earned in at least 4 service categories with no more than 50% of the toal points (15) in one category.  The categories; Participation in beeekeeping organizations; service via writing;public events; education to public and non-OMB participants;education to OMB participants, products of the hive;swarm collection and other (subject to pre-approval).

For the most current list of public service points select Beekeeper Documentation under Helpful Links.  Select Journey Documents from the drop down menu and click on apply.  The public service points list will be found there.

Submitting Public Service Points

Submit Public Service Point records at the OSU Master Beekeeper Reporting Site.