A list of documents of interest to those in the Master Beekeeper Program which have been uploaded by admin staff and instructors. Currently includes PDFs, Word Documents, Text Documents and Power Point Presentations. We hope to include photos and videos in the near future, as the content is available.

Instructions: Enter any word contained in the title or description of the document to search. Sort by Document Title and/or Description. Click on the File name to download the document. Clicking the Document Title link will take you to more detailed information about the document and allow editing of information and/or uploading a revised version of the document.

Category Document Titlesort icon Description File
Resources and Information Bee friendly plants for Oregon gardens Special thanks to the Oregon State Beekeepers Association for this list of bee friendly plants for Oregon gardens.
Resources and Information Bee Stings Description of various types of reactions to bee stings.
Resources and Information Biology and control of Varroa destructor by Rosenkranz et al. 2009 An extensive literature review on the biology and control of Varroa mites.
Resources and Information Equipment List for Beginning Beekeepers Prepared by Tom Chester, OMB Instructor and Field Mentor. This list details many options for equipment for the beginning beekeeper.