Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is beekeeping experience necessary to apply?
A. No, and at the Apprentice Level, you do not need to own a hive!
Q. Will I learn about top bar hives, Warre hives, and other alternative hives?
A. Not at the Apprentice Level. You can learn about alternative hives at the Journey Level! You can certainly keep whatever style of hive you wish, but training at the Apprentice Level with be with Langstroth hives only.
Q. What are the requirements to be certified as an Apprentice? Is there a time limit to complete the
     Apprentice certification?
A. There are four requirements: pass a written test, demonstrate field competency, keep a log and earn education points. Once accepted into the program, you have two years to complete the Apprentice certification requirements.
Q. Is there any support?
A. Yes, in addition to working with a mentor, classroom training, whenever possible, is provided. Students are also encouraged to join bee organizations and participate in other educational opportunities.
Q. Is there a fee?
A. Yes. The fee for 2015 is $100 for the Apprentice and $150 for the Journey certification programs.  At the Apprentice level the fee includes the text, program materials and access to classroom training where available. The Journey level fee includes attendance at the Oregon Master Beekeeper Institute held just prior to the annual state beekeepers' conference. Please NOTE that starting in 2016 fees at all levels are scheduled to increase.
Q. Do I have to start at the Apprentice Level if I am an experienced beekeeper?
A. Yes. The certifications are sequential. You must have the Apprentice certification to be accepted into the Journey Level program.
Q. Is it necessary to take all certification levels in order to participate in the program?
A. No. It is up to the individual how many certification levels they pursue in the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program.
Q. How can I become certified as an Apprentice beekeeper?
A. Visit "The Apprentice Beekeeper" for a detailed program overview and fill out an application.