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Conference Presenter's power point slides for the following topics are included at this OSU library archive site:

Urban/Rural Connections: A Review of the Literature

This comprehensive review was prepared by Elizabeth Mylott, a Ph.D. student at Portland State University for this event

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Featured Presenters:

    Carl Abbott, Bob Caldwell, Richard Clucas, Joe Cortright, John Costa, Steve Forester, Tim Gleason, Stephanie Hallock, Roger Hammer, Mark Henkels, Mike Hibbard, Dave Holland, Paul Lewin, Sheila Martin, Scott Reed, Bill Robbins, Ethan Seltzer, Brent Steel, Bruce Sorte, Bruce Weber.

Toward One Oregon

Oregon is an incredibly diverse collection of landscapes, economies, and communities. No matter where we live - in an urban, a suburban, or a rural environment - all Oregonians share common needs and aspirations for a sustainable future. Yet myths and local perspectives can keep us from acknowledging and understanding how interdependent all of the regions of the state are on each other.

Join researchers, policymakers, journalists, community leaders and the public who will gather to discuss what links us together and what, strategically are the ways that these links can be strengthened for the benefit of the state.

Panels of researchers from OSU, PSU, and the U of O, and editors of Oregon newspapers will engage in conversations about these issues with each other and with the audience. At the end of the day we hope to have begun to set an agenda of discovery toward one Oregon.

Program Highlights

  • History of Rural and Urban Oregon
  • Oregon’s Political, Cultural, and Demographic Trends
  • Economic Linkages Between Rural and Urban Regions
  • Toward One Oregon: How these differences and links matter