Ambassadors gain valuable skills assisting at county-wide events:

 Christmas in Dairyville

Volunteer alongside many other organizations as you help coordinate other 4-H groups, engage with the
public, and more!

 Volunteer Awards & Recogntion Night

Help organize this event to recognize the 430+ volunteers who make a difference in the lives of 4-H members.

Multnomah County Fair

Help provide information and assist in any areas needed at the Mutlnomah
County Fair in May.


Assist with the set up of this event and
encouragement of walkers.

 Washington County Fair

Help provide information and assist in any areas needed at the Washington
County Fair in July.

Washington County Advisory Council

2013-2014 4-H Year
Youth voices are needed on the Washington County Advisory Council. Gain leadership and decision making skills.

"Youth Leading Youth"

4-H Ambassadors assist in promoting 4-H through hands-on communtiy service learning opportunities.

Ambassadors are expected to:

  • attend monthly meetings
  • participate in at least half of the county-wide events
  • use social media to promote 4-H programs
  • attend state-wide leadership retreats

Applicants must:

  • have been in 4-H for at least 2 years
  • be in grade 9. 10. 11. or 12

How to apply:


Contact Pat Willis:

Washington County 4-H Office

155 N First Ave, Suite 200, MS 48

Hillsboro, OR 97218


2013-2014 Meeting Dates

Sept. 14 (Sat.)  4-6pm

Oct. 12 (Sat.)  4-6 p.m. - Ambassadors Meeting

Nov. 9 (Sat.) 4-6 pm - Ambassadors Meeting

Jan. 4 (Sat.) 4-6 - Ambassadors Meeting

Feb. 1 (Sat.) 4-6 pm - Ambassadors Meeting

March 1 (Sat.) 4-6 pm - Ambassadors Meeting

April 5 (Sat.) 4-6 pm Ambassadors Meeting

May 3 (Sat.) 4-6 pm Ambassadors Meeting

June 7 (Sat.) 4-6 pm - Ambassadors Meeting



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