2014 Genny Olmstead Award


General Rules 
It is recommended to have an adult/leader read these directions very carefully and assists with filling out 
To earn the Genny Olmstead Award a member must participate in a minimum of five (5) difference categories. 
Each year one (1) High Point Award will be given (silver buckle). To apply for the High Point Award the 
member must participate in at least seven (7) different categories including Horse Bowl, Horse Presentations / 
Public Speaking @ Horse Bowl, or Horse Judging, and/or Hippology. 
The Award Committee will review all applications. An interview will be required for High Point contenders. The 
High Point winner will be required to serve on the Award Committee for the following year. (If applying again 
the following year, this activity qualifies for a point in the leadership category.) Members are limited to earning 
only one High Point Award during their 4-H Horse membership; however, the Genny Olmstead Award can be 
achieved each year. 
Application for the Genny Olmstead Award must be completed and turned in to the Extension Office by June 2,
2014, even if member is not competing at Horse Fair. Award recipients will be recognized at Horse Fair. 
Award includes a rosette and certificate signed by Genny Olmstead, the Award Committee Chair, Horse 
Advisory President, and 4-H Extension Agent. 
To achieve credit in a category, a LEADER’S signature needs to accompany each point requested on the 
application to verify active participation, not just enrollment, in the given area. 
 A MEMBER’S typed & signed statement (I Statement) describing each area of participation must 
accompany each point requested. Three categories, Leadership, Community Service, and Stepping Outside 
the Boundaries require an ADDITIONAL typed recommendation signed by a leader and/or other adult. 
Leaders and other adults should have first-hand knowledge of activities for which they write recommendations. 
Please, put all member/I statements together, not on individual pages. 
The Award year runs from June 4, 2013 of the prior year to June 2, 2014. Each activity must be completed 
within the Award year to count for a point or points in that category (except Records, and County Fair and 
County Gaming, and I Did It Myself application). An individual activity can earn a point or points in only one 
category; one activity cannot be applied to more than one category. Points claimed one year in a category 
cannot be used again the next year (e.g., Advancement steps completed this year cannot be claimed next 
It is recommended that each member keep a folder with a record of all applicable activities and written 
recommendations. This folder should be kept up during the entire Award year so that members, leaders and/or 
adults are not asked to provide all information at the end of the year. This will help the 4-H member to keep in 
mind all activities she/ he participated in as well as keeping the recommendations current and accurate. 
All decisions of the Genny Olmstead Award Committee are final. 
2013– 2014 
General Rules (cont.) 
The Genny Olmstead Award Committee will be made up of a maximum of seven (7) members for a two-year 
term each. 
 Award Committee Chair and/or, 
 One (1) Horse Advisory Board representative appointed by the Board 
 At least two (2) Horse Club Leaders 
 Last year’s recipient of the Genny Olmstead High Point Award 
Application Judges will include: 
 Last year’s recipient of the Genny Olmstead High Point Award and 
 At least four (4) other judges appointed by the Chair and/or Committee 
Interview Judges will include: 
 At least three (3) Interview Judges will be selected by the Chair and/or Committee 
Note: A judge cannot be affiliated with any applicant. 
Any exception requires Chair and/or Committee prior approval (e.g., if last year’s recipient is applying for an 
Award in the current year, she/he is not eligible for High Point Award, but may be included as an interview 
Judge for the High Point Award, even though affiliated with applicant(s), with prior approval.

Download the 2014 Genny Olmstead Award Rules & Application

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