New Volunteer Training

New volunteer trainings are required for all 4-H volunteer leaders and educators. 

The new volunteer training is a combination of three simple steps utilizing both web-based education and face to face meetings:

  •  Step 1: Contact the 4-H help desk at 503-821-1119 to schedule your New Volunteer Training or register for an existing New Volunteer Training.  Trainings can be held at the 4-H office or at a location that is convenient for you (e.g., the school where your club will be meeting).

E-Learning is composed of four modules, about 15 - 20 minutes each, to provide basic orientation for volunteers and allows you to complete a portion of new volunteer training from the comfort of your home. Each module is interactive, including appealing graphics, quizzes, and connected infromation. The learning is self-paced and when each module is completed the volunteer receives a completion certificate, while the local Extension staff is notified that the volunteer has completed the module.

  • Step 3: Attend a new volunter training.


What to Expect at the Training:

4-H faculty will conduct a 2-hour hands-on training which will focus on:

  • experiential learning
  • developing, promoting and managing your youth program
  • risk management for youth and adults
  • components of positive youth development
  • the mission, vision, and structure of the 4-H program
  • volunteer opportunities within 4-H in Multnomah & Washington counties



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