4-H Sustainable Living Schools and Clubs

The 4-H Sustainable Living Schools and Clubs Program provides a wealth of resources to assist you in creating a wide variety of sustainable living projects.  Projects may include vegetable gardens, garden to kitchen programs, waste reduction, renewable energy, nature discovery, hands-on science, animal husbandry, civic engagement and more. 

Through 4-H programming children are empowered to make positive contributions within their families, community, country and world as they lead the way in creating the environmental, social and economic success stories of the future.

The services 4-H provides to our club and school volunteers include...

Curriculum Support:  4-H provides research based curriculum covering a wide range of topics.  There is something for everyone.  As a 4-H volunteer or member school you will receive free and/or discounted curriculum.  You can explore national 4-H curriculum and resources HERE.  New lesson, activities and volunteer resources are developed locally each year.

Education Kits:
  4-H volunteers and member schools may borrow kits from the 4-H office.  These kits provide exciting, hands-on activities perfect for school and club programs.  The 4-H office has over 30 kits available.  Topic areas include mammals, birds, soils, forests, rocketry, wind energy and seeds.  A full inventory will be posted online during fall 2010.

4-H Volunteer Training:  4-H volunteers receive ongoing leader training in a variety of topics like group management, first aid/CPR, teambuilding, science discovery and much more. 

On-site 4-H Faculty Consultation:  4-H faculty are available to provide on-site support to our 4-H club and school volunteers.  Our faculty are experts in the field of youth development, program design/management, natural resources and more.  Faculty have created programs that reach thousands of youth and volunteers in Oregon and across the nation.  Whether you are a new volunteer creating your first club or a veteran 4-H leader, our faculty are here to support you within your community.

On-site School/Club Leader Training:
 If you have four or more volunteers and/or teachers 4-H faculty are available to conduct trainings on-site for your school and club.  Popular topics include:  school garden curriculum, science inquiry, planning for sustainability, youth leadership, volunteer management and fundraising.

Grants and Funding Support:
 The 4-H staff maintain a database of grants available to 4-H clubs and groups, including grants from the State 4-H Foundation.  4-H faculty are happy to write letters of support for grants that your 4-H club or school is seeking.

Liability and Fiscal Management: All 4-H volunteers and youth members can be covered by OSU liability and accident insurance.  4-H is a 501(c)(3) organization.  This allows chartered clubs to fundraise and manage their fiscal resources.  4-H faculty provide support and oversight to ensure your success in managing club finances.

4-H Member Youth Enrichment:  4-H provides ongoing opportunities for 4-H members to get involved in 4-H programs and activities outside their club.  Examples include 4-H summer residential and day camps, leadership conferences, family fun days, volunteer appreciation events and much more.

Additional sustainable living resources and tools available here.


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