Master Gardener Program Quick Stats

OSU Extension Master Gardeners™ Make a Difference!

Master Gardeners working the phones at a local Hotline.   Master Gardener at Gardeners Mini College BBQ dinner.  Master Gardener prunning fruit trees in the rain at GrassRoots Garden.

All statistics are for the 2015 reporting year (November 2012 - October 2013).

  • In Oregon, there were 3,323 Active Master Gardener Volunteers
  • These volunteers donated a total of 215,599 hours, in support of OSU Extension Master Gardener Program.  
  • Master Gardeners had 170,696 public contacts, via Plant Clinics, public gardening classes, demonstration days and other activities.  
  • The monetary value of this service is nearly $5.0 million dollars, and translates into an additional 104 FTE to OSU and OSU Extension.  FTE stands for full time equivalent, and is used as a measure of full time employees.
  • Master Gardeners donated an estimated 48,491 pounds of fresh produce, harvested from Master Gardener-managed community and demonstration gardens, to local food banks and food pantries. 

Learn more about what we have done in past years, by reading our Annual Report.

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