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Welcome to the Learning Gardens Laboratory at Green Thumb

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The Learning Gardens Laboratory (LGL) is a 12-acre educational garden facility managed in partnership by Oregon State University Extension Service Community and Urban Horticulture Program and Portland State University Leadership in Sustainable Education (LSE) Program in cooperation with Portland Public Schools and City of Portland Parks and Recreation.  The LGL is part of the former Green Thumb Site in SE Portland.  Through garden-based education and outreach, this site serves PSU students, OSU Extension Service horticulture students and Master Gardeners , Lane Middle School students, Community Transition School students, S.U.N Program participants and more.  The Learning Gardens Lab Serves as model of community-based education focused on a hands-on and practical learning tool: the garden.

Learning Gardens Lab Program Goals:
  • Create an educational resource that provides the Portland metro area with hands-on and multi-sensory experiences that promote earth friendly gardening and local food production.

  • Educate students (adults and children) about sustainable principles and practices, nutrition, and healthy eating habits.

  • Serve as an educational resource for Portland metro area by raising awareness of the importance of local agriculture and ecological landscaping.

  • Work with OSU Extension Service Nutrition Education Program and PPS Nutrition Services to get children to eat fresh and healthy food.

  • Facilitate the creation of an inter-generational and multicultural learning community where PSU graduate students, PPS students, Master Gardeners, and and the Southeast Portland community can work collaboratively around a central topic: food.

  • Increase academic achievement, develop personal efficacy, stimulate motivation to learn, and help foster a sense of purpose and sense of place for students.

  • Become a national model of community-based education and institutial cooperation.

The Learning Gardens Laboratory needs volunteers!!

Come by during volunteer drop in hours and help in the garden or greenhouse, or sign up to help with one of our educational programs.Gain experience in sustainable agriculture and food system projects.

For more information, contact:

Weston Miller, MS

Community and Urban Horticulture Faculty


Phone: 503-706-9193

Fax: 503-655-8636

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