How to become a certified Master Gardener

New candidates: Master gardener training starts in the 1st week of February. Registration for 2017 Master Gardener training is open at 2017 MG training registration

To learn more about being a Master Gardener volunteer, please see the Oregon State University Extension Service publication EM 8749, entitled ‘An Introduction to Being a Master Gardener Volunteer’. Online Registration to Master gardener training is available every year in late fall.

Returning and transfer MGs: If you discontinued your volunteering and/or reporting and are ready to become certified MG again OR if you are/were a certified MG in another county/state and now want to join the local MG program please contact Metro area MG Program Coordinator, Jordis Yost to discuss your options Phone: 503-650-3118 

How to access online learning resources

The online MG course will be available for all certified MG veterans and MG trainees from February to September. OSU has moved from "Blackboard" to a new online learning system called “Canvas”. We are working on creating new MG course in Canvas.

MG vets please note: MG Program will send an email invitation to all certified MG vets around mid-January with instructions to register with OSU Professional and Continuing Education (PACE). After you follow the email instructions to successfully complete the registration with PACE you will be sent an invitation to acess the online course in Canvas. If you do not get an email invitation then please contact Marcia McIntyre at or call 503-650-3126 to check your MG certification status. 

MG trainees have already registered with PACE when they registered for Master gardener training so they will be sent an email invitation to directly access the online course.   

How to sign up for volunteer shifts

Go to "Volunteer Portal" on metro MG website and click on CERVIS volunteer event registration Login using your email and password. If you forgot your password or are logging in for first time please enter you email and click on "Dont know password/Reset password" option. If you need any help please see the "Contact us" section on the top right. After logging in browse through available events and follow onscreen instructions to register for your volunteer shifts. MG vets if the CERVIS system doesnt allow you to login and register for events then please contact Marcia McIntyre at or call 503-650-3126 to check your MG certification status.

New gardening season's events will be available for registration for certified MG vets by the end January or earlier (stay tuned to email reminders from event coordinators).  Phone clinics are available throughout the year. MG Trainees will start registering for events at 'volunteer resource' fair during MG training in mid-March. 

How to report volunteer hours

Go to "Volunteer Portal" on metro MG website and click on Volunteer hour reporting and forms section to download volunteer hour logsheet and required annual forms with instructions and email/mailing address.

How to register for MG workshops

Please stay tuned for an email invitation from MG Program in mid-January. Email invitations with workshop list and registration links will go out to all MG trainees and certfied MG vets.

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