OGCP Volunteer Information and Reporting Steps

OGCP Volunteer Information and Reporting Steps




1. Fill out
the "Volunteer Interest Form" ASAP. Go to this link below:



2.  LOOK
OUT for OSU Ext. OGCP monthly emails, web portal posts and facebook updates with new
      volunteer opportunities and


3. Submit your written practicum plan by December 31st 2009.

     Go to this link below to fill out your plan:



4. Volunteer Personal Record 

(For your own personal use; to aid in keeping track of hours)

Click on this link below to get to the PDF of this document:



5.  Volunteer
Report Form (DUE OCTOBER 1st, 2010)

Fill this form out online to report your hours on the above date.



Additional Information about OGCP and the volunteer practicum

What is the Organic Gardening Certificate Program?


The Organic Gardening Certificate Program (OGCP) is modeled after
the OSU Extension Service Master GardenerTM Program...with an organic gardening
focus. The OGCP utilizes a hands‐on and active‐learning format to teach participants about all
aspects of growing and caring for plants without synthesized chemical
fertilizers and pesticides. This 66‐hour training was created by OSU Extension Service,
Oregon Tilth Organic Education Center, and other program partners to support
the groundswell of interest in organic gardening, ecological landscaping, and
food security in the Portland metro area.  The OGCP is a "train the
trainer" model of outreach and engagement such that participants are encouraged
to share their gardening passion, knowledge, and skills in the community as
part of a 30-hour volunteer practicum that is part of this program.


What is the Volunteer Practicum Component of the OGCP?


OGCP participants will take part in a 30‐hour volunteer practicum to be completed by October 1,
2010. We request that 6 of the 30 hours be spent at the Learning Gardens
Laboratory practicing gardening skills supervised by OSU Extension staff. 
We will have regular volunteer times at the LGL on two Saturdays per month and
other specified times (dates posted on web portal).


OGCP volunteers can choose how they would like to spend the remaining
24 hours of volunteer time and can apply these hours toward a variety of
garden-based education projects.  We request that this volunteer time be
spent directly as a volunteer educator or in a support role of garden-based
education activities.   Please wear your OGCP name badge when engaged
as a volunteer.


Volunteers in this program are required to submit a written practicum
plan (online form) for 24 hours of volunteer time by December 31, 2009. This
plan details how the participant plans to spend his/her time as a volunteer
educator in the community.   OGCP participants must then submit a report
of actual hours spent as an OGCP volunteer by October 1, 2010.  We will
provide online forms and plenty of reminders for these requirements.  Upon
completion of the 30-hour volunteer practicum and 80% of OGCP class time, we
will provide official OSU Extension Service OGCP certificates of
completion.  These certificates will be awarded at a ceremony in fall 2010
or by mail.


The OGCP is NOT the OSU Extension Master Gardener Program


OGCP volunteers are NOT OSU Extension Service Master Gardeners. 
The Master Gardener program has separate curriculum and requirements.  For
2009 OGCP participants, we can extend an offer for you to participate as in the
2010 Metro Master Gardener training for price of $172.50 (regular price


In order to receive an official OSU Extension Service Master Gardener
name badge, you must:

Attend 9 of 12 specified classes (see schedule) at any
of our training locations

Tuesdays- First Baptist Church 5755 SW Erickson Ave
Beaverton 97005

Thursdays- Mazama Mountaineering Center, 517 SE 43rd
Ave  Portland 97215

Fridays- VFW Hall 104 Tumwater Dr. Oregon City 97045

Complete final exam

Complete an additional 36 hours of volunteer
internship, specifically serving as a volunteer educator for OSU Extension
service in our telephone and remote plant clinics and report hours by October
1, 2010.


Note: the specific Master Gardener content for OGCP participants is
focused on Integrated Pest Management and other topics not covered in detail in
the OGCP.


If you have questions about the Master Gardener Program please
contact Jordis Yost at 503-650-3118 or jordis.yost@oregonstate.edu and tell her you are a 2009 OGCP participant.

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