Portland Metro Area Community Food Resources


This page was developed as a community resouce for the Portland Metro Area.

It is intented to provide a comprehensive resource for all things happening in the area related to food, farms, gardens and nutrition.

As you scroll down you will find lists of groups, companies and organizations.

Consumer Education

Organizations providing education pertaining to local food, sustainability, community involvement,

product availability, healthy eating habits and services.

Click here for more information on Consumer Education

Hands-On Education

Organizations providing public classes on home gardening, farming permaculture and food systems.

OSU Extension Community & Urban Horticulture

Click here for more information on Hands-On Education

Public Garden Demonstration Sites

Click here for Public Garden Demonstration Sites


Farmer Education Organizations

Organizations that strive to provide information and resources to farmers in order to aid them in business practices, farming methods, land acquisition, product marketing and transportation and profit building.

Click here for Farmer Education Organizations information 

Advocacy Organizations

Public policy, legislation, awareness of local food, food access, hunger etc.

Click here for more information on Advocacy Organizations 

Awareness Organizations

Organizations and Businesses that Market Awareness & Investment in Sustainable Agriculture

Click here for more information on Awareness Organizations 

Community Supported Agriculture Farms

A coalition of the Portland Metro area CSA farmers. CSA farming is a combined effort between a farm and a community of supporters ("harvest shareholders", members) that creates a direct relationship between the production and consumption of food. Each season the harvest shareholders provide the money (and sometimes other resources) needed for the farm to operate by purchasing a "harvest share" of the seasons' harvest. All Metro CSA's listed on this website provide pesticide free food.

Click here for information on Community Supported Agriculture Farms

 Metro Area Farmers Markets

Click here to find more information on a Farmers Market in the Metro area

Food Co-ops

Click here for more information on Food Co-ops  

Buying Clubs

Click here for more information on Buying Clubs

Doorstep Delivery Services

Click here for more information on Doorstep Delivery Services

Programs Accepting and Distributing Fresh Produce to People in Need

Click here for more information

Cooking and Food Preservation

Click here for more information

 Certification and Eco-Labeling Programs

Click here for more information

Community Gardens

Click here for more information on Community Gardens

 School Gardens

 Urban Farmers

 What's In Season


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