MG Strategic Plan 2014-2019 and community input

Metro area MG Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Master Gardener Stratigic Plan 2014-2019

Operations plan for 2015 Master Gardener training

Operations briefing- 9/28/2014

Detailed operations plan- 9/28/2014

2015 Master Gardener budget projection

2015 Workshop schedule

Meeting notes- Advisory group 9/17/2014

Community Input- Summer 2014

The OSU Extension Service Master Gardenerâ„¢ program team for Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties (Weston Miller, Pukhraj Deol, Jordis Yost and Margaret Bayne) propose to make a set of systematic changes to the MG training and volunteer program for 2015, which are based on rich feedback from a recent strategic planning process and on seven years of survey evaluation.  There are multiple goals for these proposed changes including:

  1. Improving the effectiveness of the MG training and volunteer program.
  2. Streamlining branding and communications.
  3. Optimizing resources (financial, human, and organizational).
  4. Expanding our reach to under-served audiences to promote diversity and equity.
  5. Growing the next generation of gardeners (youth and adults).

We have solicited substantial feedback from MG volunteers and community partners about the proposal through meetings (125 attendees) and a survey (215 surveys completed) and are ready to adopt an operations plan and budget for the 2015 MG training and volunteer program as detailed below.  Thank you for your help in turning our proposal into a plan!

Community input for MG restructure proposal

Initial proposal- July 2014

"All hands" meeting notes- July 25, 2014

Revised Proposal- August 2014

Summary of survey- August 2014

MG Advisory meeting notes- August 27, 2014

Background documents from 2014 Strategic Planning

Strategic plan implementation

Strategic plan breifing documents

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