Volunteer Portal

Welcome to the volunteer portal,

This page is for existing OSU Extension Master GardenerTM volunteers or trainees. If you are not a Master Gardener please see our home page.

Dear Master Gardeners,

We have created this portal to house all the resources that you need for your volunteering.

Newsletter: Stay updated about your role as a Master Gardener by reading the monthly newsletter from the MG program. The newsletter includes important announcements from MG team (Weston, Jordis, and Marcia), upcoming volunteer opportunities, Natters notes, MG chapter news, and much more!

Events calendar: This is list of all upcoming MG educational events. Wondering how to find out which events you can count for MG recertification? Just click on event title to open event details and look for the “MG education credit” designation below the event title.

Maintain 'active' Master Gardener status:  The nuts and bolts (aka criteria) for maintaining your certification as an ‘active’ Master Gardener veteran or trainee.

CERVIS volunteer event registration: This is where you register for your volunteer shifts at farmer's markets, MG phone/email helplines at Hillsboro, Oregon City, and Portland locations. You can also volunteer at local attractions like the Rose Garden, Pittock Mansion, and many more one-time events.

Volunteer hour reporting and formsAll the info you need for your annual reporting, getting new project approval, and renewing an ongoing volunteer project.


Strategic Plan 2014-2019 and community input

MG Clinic Referral Forum

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