Mini-College Class Types


HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS:  The key word here is “hands-on” because workshops are designed to get you actively involved. You have the opportunity to learn and practice grafting techniques, make your own oyster mushroom incubator, study your own soil at the Soils Lab with expert James Cassidy, or build and learn to maintain a Mason Bee house, and more….

***Please Note: Most workshops require a materials fee in addition to the daily Mini-College registration fee.  Because of their participatory nature, workshops can accommodate only a limited number of people (10 - 20) and many span two session time slots.

CLASSES:   Twenty-four different classes designed to appeal to gardeners with a variety of interests and levels of experience will be presented by an expert in the subject.  Sessions are organized by theme:  Ornamentals, Edibles, Problem-Solving, to General Interest.  Mix and match your choices or opt for a single theme; there is something to appeal to every gardener.

ROUND-TABLE  DISCUSSIONS:   These optional and informal lunch-time chats provide the opportunity to participate in facilitator-led discussions on some “Hot Topics”, such as funding Extension services, reaching out to underserved populations,  and more.

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