General Gardening

General Gardening

Virtual library of gardening links General gardening site with extensive list of links that take you all over the world of gardening.

Univ. of Minnesota Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series: Research-based information on design, plant selection, implementation and maintenance of sustainable urban landscapes.

Directory of gardens and garden clubs: General gardening site that includes a directory of gardens and gardening clubs, event calendar, gardening forums and more.

International Society of Arboriculture tree care information: Quality information on tree care.

Plant Amnesty pruning information: Pruning guidelines from a Seattle area organization dedicated solely to good pruning practices.

How to compost: Overview of composting topics plus links to many other composting sites, only some of which are research-based.

Friends of Trees : Tree database, list of trees for the garden, restoration trees, schedule of events, partnering arborists.

Nature Conservancy: National and International Information

Oregon Nature Conservancy: Local information, Online field guide, events and more.

Friends of Tryon Creek: Events, classes, history of the park.